As from September 2019, table money for
Each of the duplicate sessions will be £2.50
We apologise for this increase but
hope that it still represents 'good value'.

Bridge classes begin on
Mon.16th, Wed.18th & Thurs. 19th Sept.
Classes are £50 for the ten week course.

There will be a 2 week half term break!
Half term is 28th Oct.
followed by our Stirk holiday 4th Nov.

Telephone - 0191 - 413 - 4224.................Email - neilaiston5@gmail.com

Every Monday 12.45 - 2.45 pm

we run a busy duplicate play session at Newburn Leisure Centre. Assistance on bidding & play is available. RESULTS

Every Thursday 12.45 - 2.45 pm
we run a, more relaxed, 'jentle juplicate' session. With only 5 or 6 tables, and a slower pace, you have more chance to find out where your bidding might be going wrong. RESULTS

INTERMEDIATE CLASSES Monday 10 - 12.noon and Wednesday 10-12 noon
We offer these two classes for players who play, or plan to play, in bridge clubs.
Although much of the teaching is based on actual hands that have cropped up in recent competitions, we are more than happy to make up hands on any theme requested by students. We have a wealth of hands that illustrate natural bidding, simple conventions, declarer play or defence and we can provide handouts for virtually all techniques that a club player might need. Many of our students are regulars but we welcome interest from any players who would like to join our Newburn group.
We pride ourselves in having established a wonderfuly friendly group of players. Bridge the way it should be!!

IMPROVERS CLASS Wednesday 12.45 - 2.45 PM
If your bridge ambitions are more modest, this class offers a refresher course on basic bridge.
Simple Acol with Stayman & transfers, reminders about the requirements for opening hands, (especially with fewer than 12 pts.), responding to partner, rebidding and overcalling, limit bids and forcing bids..
Declarer play techniques and defence. For those with regular/trusted partners we will remind you of simple (and legal) signalling methods. A short 15 minute 'lesson' will be followed by practical play.

BEGINNERS Thursday 12.45 - 2.45 PM
We are aware that presently there are no opportunities for beginners or near beginners. IF there is a clear need we might be pursuaded into offering some help. Any keen newcomers can contact us by email or phone.