Inga and I would like to thank everyone in the 'Club Players' class for their overwhelmingly generous leaving gift. Sorry that we did not thank you personally but it was only when we returned home that we realised what you had done. Thank you as well for all the other good wishes and individual gestures of thanks. After 25+ years, we will miss the classes as much as you. It has been fun.

Monday and Thursday play sessions will continue and we do hope that you will ALL keep in touch with us in one way or another. We will of course be delighted to answer any of your bridge queries by email or phone.
Xmas party is on 16th Dec. All welcome - and we will offer a small party on Thursday 19th. Neil & Inga xx

Congratulations to Ann Noble and Paula Gates who have won the 2019 Ladies Pairs Championship at the Castle Morpeth Bridge Club.

2nd were Carole Walton and Sheila Parker who were a couple of our earliest students from a 'few' years ago!

As you will be aware, the NEBA is holding its annual Congress at the Marriott Hotel, Gateshead 1st to the 3rd November. On the Sunday, a Newcomers Pairs event is being run, specifically designed for bridge students who are attending bridge classes, and haven’t yet made the leap to playing in bridge clubs yet. This is a very friendly, no fear event, where 20 boards are played in the course of the afternoon, and also included in the entry fee is a 2 course meal.

Prizes are awarded, and this year the winning pair will receive a bridge holiday voucher.

Last year, the event was won by our Newburn pair of Alan Tweddle and Colin Dobson!


Thank you all for another enjoyable three days.
Highlights included -
A very exciting and potentially dangerous addition to your entertainment was 'Garden Jenga'
(Shame if you missed it on the 1st night? Girls won!)
The jigsaw was completed.
There was a big turnout on the last night for the traditional L - R - C
Anne & David McClures won the quiz (again)
Ian Borthwick & Sue Gascoin bid a GRAND SLAM
But none of this was
A PACHE (or even a Shadow) on yet another splendid musical extravaganza courtesy of
Diane, Trevor and Ramsay.

For those who want to use (or groan at) the veggie quiz you can download a pdf here.
Veggie Quiz & answers
Pictures and teams results
Hope you enjoyed the break.


At the last NEBA Executive Meeting (14/8/19) we discussed the possibility of running a new competition, open to players who regular play in supervised events. We agreed that we’d aim to run such a competition in late April 2020 (and suggested Saturday or Sunday April 18/19). It was also agreed that the Secretary (Adrian Darnell!) would alert all clubs of this new event.

I’d welcome any feedback on the idea of running an annual competition for supervised players (please note that the event itself will not permit ‘supervision’). If anyone has any idea about its potential appeal, and where we might hold it, I’d be most grateful to hear from you.

Once we have finalised the details of this new competition we’ll add it to the calendar and ask you all to advertise it and encourage your students to engage with it.

Adrian Darnell

Please remember that table money for each of the duplicate sessions will be £2.50 from September 2019

While we were enjoying ourselves at Stirk, two of our Newburn pairs competed in the NEBA Congress 'Newcomers' Event.

Our congratulations go to Mirriam Cassidy and Jane Wren who did well and ended half way item15down the field, but Peter & Pat Ford won the event with a huge pecentage score.
Their success means that our Newburn gang. have won for two consecutive years

Last year, the winners were Colin Dobson and Alan Tweddle.

GRANGE HOTEL March 27-30 2020

We can now invite last years guests to send their £50 pp deposit to Phil.
PLEASE check on the link above, that you ARE on the list before sending the deposit.
In December, we will contact guests from the waiting list
(when we know how many rooms are available.)

We hope that many of you are playing in NEBA bridge clubs. Use this LINK to access all local clubs.

The new NEBA website can be found

If you ever want to see how you should have played a hand, use this.
It is easy to type in any hand that you have misplayed and this BRIDGE SOLVER will tell you immediately how many tricks can be made on best play and best defence. It will lead you through the hand trick by trick!
Here is the


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