Great to see Joyce Myers, Sheila Harrison and Ann Atkinson looking so well and enjoying the sunshine in Erica Pinkney's garden. Who knows, maybe we will all be able to get together again in the near future?

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Just when you think that it's all over I have another quiz for you. Not to be outdone by Ramsay and Trevor I offer you the OCCUPATIONS QUIZ. Answers will be posted when someone shouts HELP!

1. If Lennon had been knighted?

2. C/O the mathematical middle

3. James is not all nasty.

4. Deceive by altering a document

5. Vote to elect Rici, and Joseph Swan.

6. Golf club

7. The 2nd of a man’s three marital partners

8. Death threat to Venetian painter

9. A style of beer that developed into Guiness Extra Stout.

10. Argentine Marxist revolutionary in a haze.

11. Enables a car motor to be be heard

12. 1000th of an inch and a ship becomes a hat maker!

13. The worst criminal sexual preditor.

14. Slightly char an “R”

15. A correcter of wrongs?

16. The adult male swan is slightly out of focus.

17. Care for.

18. Seek advice from a female relative.

19. Therefore, no fog.

20. A croft can help you.

21. A patient server is not moving.

22. A cuppa with Sonny’s ex partner

23. Carefully examine beforehand.

24. The mother of ‘Hungarian Rhapsody’ composer

25. Strips of toast dipped into a soft boiled egg


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We are encouraged to hear how many of you are playing and enjoying bridge on line, but we know that missing the friendships built up over the years has been a major problem.

Inga and I are both well and we love hearing from you.
Thank you for all of your news and responses.

The vaccines have given us some hope that we will be playing bridge again sometime next year, so as best as you can - Stay positive! Neil & Inga x

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This loving great-grandma refused to allow the coronavirus pandemic stop her from celebrating her special birthday.

Elsie Morton had originally planned a large party for her 100th birthday, having invited all her friends and extended family but unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, her party had to be cancelled.

But Elsie’s family were determined to celebrate and arranged a smaller gathering in her daughter, Sheila’s back garden where they were able to socially distance.

Sheila baked her mum a cake and the day was made extra special as members of her family travelled from across the UK to celebrate her big day.

And Elsie’s caregiver, Anne from Home Instead Senior Care Newcastle, joined in the celebrations.

Surrounded by friends, family, and caregivers, Elsie had a smile gleaming from ear to ear as she celebrated reaching her special milestone of a century.

Elsie said: "I never thought I’d make it to 100, I’ve only managed it with good fortune and lots of help from my caregiver Anne over the past five years.

"I moved to a bungalow in 1954 - it must be the lack of stairs which has helped!

"I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people throughout my life and I’m blessed to have such a marvellous family.”

Elsie met her husband, David, when she was only 17, living in the same street and attending the same church.

David was from Dundee and when she first set eyes on him, she said ‘she was not letting him go’.

Elsie was crushed when David was sent to war for six years and missed him dearly. When he returned the loving couple got married two weeks later.

Together the soul mates went on to have two children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

David sadly passed away in 2000, but Elsie fondly remembers their long, happy marriage and twenty-two peaceful years of retirement together.

He taught her to drive, as well as how to play golf and play bridge - two hobbies she still enjoys today.

Elsie continued to play bridge with a local group up until lockdown scuppered their meet ups. She received 40 birthday cards from her bridge friends alone.

She loves being on a golf course and breathing in the open air, and although she now struggles to participate, she still loves to watch the sport.


In the mean time if you are lucky enough to be in good health, have a garden, books, a computer, a jigsaw, a TV, a shower, heating, good music, plenty of food (and drink,) family and friends to chat with -
enjoy them.
Or if you are still desperate for a game of bridge, take the step to join one of the 'Bridge on Line' groups.
Bridge Club Live
Bridge Base Online
No Fear Bridge

If you have any bridge related questions or stories, we are always happy to chat

Have a go at Trevor's NEW quiz. It is not as difficult as it looks (with the help of Google). Finding the overall link between the answers is the trickiest bit!

neilaiston5@gmail.com or ingaaiston@hotmail.co.uk




If you ever want to see how you should have played a hand, use this.
It is easy to type in any hand that you have misplayed and this BRIDGE SOLVER will tell you immediately how many tricks can be made on best play and best defence. It will lead you through the hand trick by trick!
Here is the