Get Connected - 3

As before, once you’ve answered the questions can you find what connects them all?

1. With more Michelin stars than any other, this city (whose name is an anagram its predecessor) became its country’s capital in 1869 and is now the most populace capital in the world.

2. In which song did Freddie Mercury duet with Montserrat Caballé?

3. One of only three surviving city-states in the world (the other two being Monaco and the Vatican City), its Bukit Timah Nature Reserve holds more species of trees than the entire North American continent. What’s it called?

4. With (reportedly) the bluest skies in the world, this city, which was between 1808 and 1821 the capital of a European country to be situated an ocean away, is watched over by one of the New 7 Wonders of the World boasting an arm span of 92 feet. Which city?

5. This psychological condition presents as positive feelings toward one’s captors and negative feelings, such as anger and distrust, toward law enforcement. What’s it called?

6. Which surname is shared by an American author of novels (the most famous of which are set in the Klondike Gold Rush), a British boxer (losing two heavyweight world title attempts against Floyd Patterson and Muhammed Ali) and an American Actress and singer best remembered for crying a river?

7. Born in Barcelona in 1923 and ranked number 3, after Maria Callas and Dame Joan Sutherland, in the BBC Music Magazine 's List of The Top Twenty Sopranos of All Time, this operatic singer was renowned for her "meltingly lovely middle voice”. Who was she?

8. Home to iconic constructions affectionately known as “The Coat Hanger” and “Nuns in a Scrum”, this city doesn’t, however, have a 42 Wallaby Way as featured in Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Which city is it?

9. Nine times the size of Paris, boasting nine castles, more bridges than Venice, more waterways than Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice combined, three opera houses and a Zoo said to have the largest stock of animals in the world, which city in the twentieth century was, wasn’t and then was again its country’s capital?

10. Founded in 735 BC but not officially its country’s capital until 1870, this city without a city has 280 fountains, one of which can yield as much as 3,000 Euros a day (donated to a catholic charity), and more christian churches than any other in the world - as well as a museum dedicated to pasta! It is … ?

Monday 12th October 2020

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Eileen Peacock who died on Saturday.
Eileen was a popular lady who had been a regular player with us for many years and was one of our guests at the Grange Hotel in 2017.


We hope that everyone is still coping with the situation.
Inga and I are both well and we do enjoy hearing from you. There are obviously no signs that we will play face to face bridge again before 2021.

Cramlington BC managed to get started but after 1 week the rule of 6 halted their progress.

Trevor Darwin has produced another quiz to keep your brain cells working and many of you are enjoying bridge on-line - but it's not quite the same is it? - Neil


This loving great-grandma refused to allow the coronavirus pandemic stop her from celebrating her special birthday.

Elsie Morton had originally planned a large party for her 100th birthday, having invited all her friends and extended family but unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, her party had to be cancelled.

But Elsie’s family were determined to celebrate and arranged a smaller gathering in her daughter, Sheila’s back garden where they were able to socially distance.

Sheila baked her mum a cake and the day was made extra special as members of her family travelled from across the UK to celebrate her big day.

And Elsie’s caregiver, Anne from Home Instead Senior Care Newcastle, joined in the celebrations.

Surrounded by friends, family, and caregivers, Elsie had a smile gleaming from ear to ear as she celebrated reaching her special milestone of a century.

Elsie said: "I never thought I’d make it to 100, I’ve only managed it with good fortune and lots of help from my caregiver Anne over the past five years.

"I moved to a bungalow in 1954 - it must be the lack of stairs which has helped!

"I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people throughout my life and I’m blessed to have such a marvellous family.”

Elsie met her husband, David, when she was only 17, living in the same street and attending the same church.

David was from Dundee and when she first set eyes on him, she said ‘she was not letting him go’.

Elsie was crushed when David was sent to war for six years and missed him dearly. When he returned the loving couple got married two weeks later.

Together the soul mates went on to have two children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

David sadly passed away in 2000, but Elsie fondly remembers their long, happy marriage and twenty-two peaceful years of retirement together.

He taught her to drive, as well as how to play golf and play bridge - two hobbies she still enjoys today.

Elsie continued to play bridge with a local group up until lockdown scuppered their meet ups. She received 40 birthday cards from her bridge friends alone.

She loves being on a golf course and breathing in the open air, and although she now struggles to participate, she still loves to watch the sport.


In the mean time if you are lucky enough to be in good health, have a garden, books, a computer, a jigsaw, a TV, a shower, heating, good music, plenty of food (and drink,) family and friends to chat with -
enjoy them.
Or if you are still desperate for a game of bridge, take the step to join one of the 'Bridge on Line' groups.
Bridge Club Live
Bridge Base Online
No Fear Bridge

If you have any bridge related questions or stories, we are always happy to chat

Have a go at Trevor's NEW quiz. It is not as difficult as it looks (with the help of Google). Finding the overall link between the answers is the trickiest bit!

neilaiston5@gmail.com or ingaaiston@hotmail.co.uk





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